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West Drayton

“Allah will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind”  

[Sahih al-Bukhari 7376]




Dear Respected Community Members,

In order to avoid any propaganda / false rumors which came to my attention that couple of individuals have spread false rumors over last 18 months and also because false announcements were made by Asif Iqbal Chaudhry during congregation prayer in our absence, I would like to use this platform to update all individuals who are associated with our Masjid.

M Asif Iqbal Chaudhry was appointed chairman of Jamia Masjid West Drayton by me (Salah Qureshi) in 2018. In 2022 when when I requested financial information from Asif Iqbal Chaudhry and  Asif Iqbal Chaudhry was challenged on financial matters, he unlawfully and illegitimacy removed Salah Qureshi and our respected brother  and prominent member of our society - Pervez Iqbal  from the charity register. 


 Despite our best efforts to resolve the matter amicably, Asif Iqbal Chaudhry refused to cooperate, as a result of Asif Iqbal Chaudhry’s illegal and unlawful actions the matter was raised with charity commission who stepped in and educated Asif Iqbal Chaudhry that he doesn't have any authority to act in the way he acted and Instructed Asif Iqbal Chaudhry to restore the charity register with our details as a Trustees of Jamia Masjid West Drayton Trust. 


I would like to assure you, the Community that no Trustee including Asif Iqbal Chaudhry will be allowed to act as if the Masjid is their personal asset and behave in a manner which brings the Masjid into disrepute. Every Trustee is accountable to the community, who have continuously supported the Masjid.

We hope  that Asif Iqbal has learnt a valuable lesson in life by going through the sequence of events and will refrain from any further illegitimate activity and act as responsible member of our society.


I will post the apology letter from asif iqbal on Masjid notice board as soon as he shares it with me.

Kind Regards,-

Salah Qureshi.

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